Do the right thing

Do the right thing!

-Everyday dilemmas in obstetrics and gynecology and how to deal with them.

Läkaresällskapet, Östra Klara kyrkogata 10, Stockholm

April 25-26, 2019

 Day 1

 1200        Registration and Lunch

 1300        Welcome

 1305        Intervention on patient request Statiscs, has it changed? Short and longterm complications, where do we stand leagally. Informed consent

1305-1335 Induction and Cesarian Section. Ellika Andolf, Sweden

1335-1405 Hysterectomy Tea Brummer Finland/Norway

1405-1435 Labioplasty and vaginal rejuvination. Screen for BDD.

Katrin Kristjansdottir, Island

1435-1500 Coffee break

1500        The patient, the media....and oh yeah, the doctor

1500-1520 What are we up against? -How does media coverage influence us? (introduction on what is out there. Bloggers, sites, cases, headlines, advertising). Elisabeth Rosén

1520-1620 “ Strategies to influence decision making through media (Elisabeth Tissot Ludvig)

 1620-1630 Coffee break                  

 1630-1700                       Vaccination and screening-using social media to your advantage (Amelie Trope, Norway)

 1700 -1730             Are we at war with the Media? The role of ob/gyns in advocating the for womens health.  Panel discussion

 1900                         Dinner


 Day 2     

 0900        Equity and equality in obstetrcis and gynecology

0900-0950                       Lost in translation-Immigrant reproductive health Birgitta Essén, Sweden.

0950-1020 Equity in practice Inför Socioeconomic status. Harmful steriotyping of patients Maria Hedström, Sweden.

1020-1030 Coffe break

1030        Work life balance

1030-1100 Second victim phenomenon Åsa Wahlberg

1100-1200 What can you do to make changes to your work environment and what is out of your hands Anna Bennich Karlstedt 


Life, family and work

                    Screening for burnout and intervention

1200        Panel discussion

 1230        Lunch and goodbye